Introducing the La Di Da Interiors Mobile App

As a small independent business it's a challenge to keep up with the retail giants. We have taken the huge leap of launching our very own La Di Da app, available for both apple and android mobiles it will make shopping simpler and easier.

We hope you love it - we need as many downloads as possible within the next week in order to be favoured by apple/google so please do pop over to the app store and download it to help a small business out. It's free! 

Simply go to the app store and search for La Di Da Interiors or you can download it via the following links:

For apple:

For android:

We are delighted to be also able to offer our live video shopping events via the app too! We hope this makes shopping small with us more convenient, simpler and a little more fun! We love bringing you fabulous interiors and gifts along with life's little luxuries - we hope you love our new app too.

La di Da Interiors Mobile App