Five things to know about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™

1. There's no priming or sanding!

Annie Sloan designed her amazing Chalk Paint™ to be the ultimate reliable and quick to use decorative paint. Sanding old furniture is a laborious task which no one relishes, there is no need to when using this fabulous decorative paint. It adheres to almost any surface, wood, wax, varnish or old paint. 

2. It's quick & easy to do

Simply open the tin, paint and then wax, it's so simple! It's water based so dries quickly and the wax goes on easily with a cloth or brush. Brushes are a doddle to clean afterwards too.

3. There are more than 34 colours

Annie Sloan's paint chart may only show 34 colours but, because the colours are pigment based so you can mix and blend your own colour or shade to create the perfect match. With a range of waxes available in clear, dark, white and black you can create a variety of looks. The possibilities are endless! 

4. You can create texture

You can texture for an aged look or get a smooth flat contemporary finish. It's versatile and can be layered up to create a sense of depth or you can add a touch of water to ensure an uber flat modern look. 

5. It's all about style

It's easy to brighten up a vintage chair or table to make it more personal to you, up cycling is not only eco-friendly it's also bang on trend. Many of our customers have rejuvenated entire kitchens or staircases. It's fun and easy to do, it's about making a house into your unique home but be warned it also becomes addictive!