Guest Blog by Emily: A Father's Day Poem

I've always been someone who appreciates the important of Mother's and Father's Day - even if a little belatedly with my gifts some years (sorry Ma and Pa!) Yet becoming a mummy myself last year meant these celebrations increased in significance tenfold. And not just because I want to max the opportunity!
Sunday 19th June 2016 will be my husband's second Daddy's Day and, since I've not yet mastered how to add more hours into the day, I'm currently contemplating other ultimate gifts.

So, what's my criteria? Well, as parents we recently set ourselves the target of learning some classic nursery rhymes by heart. Feeling inspired, I thought I'd share my thought via a little rhyming Father's Day Ode...

Wanted: a gift - quirky, useful and full of thought,
Not just mass-produced, mindless stuff I've bought.
Maybe a Giant Jenga or a Horse-Shoe Wine Holder;
Stag-head Coat Hooks for something bolder.
A classic clock or a 'Man Cave' sign?
Dr Harris Cologne - they'd all do just fine.
Eye keeps going back to the Oak Boot Jack...
or a trinket for the garden - perhaps that's the track!
You can trawl the shops and net wide and far
But you won't find better than at La Di Da!

(Unless your budget stretches to that new Z4 car. Sorry hubby, not this year.)

Much love

Emily x