Whitson’s Universal Lacquer


Whitson’s Universal Lacquer is a specifically formulated semi-gloss lacquer. Developed using Cait Whitson’s expertise it is superb for protecting metal leaf as well as paint. The lacquer has excellent film properties and dries to a hard, but flexible film. This film protects gilding and metal finishes from moisture and atmospheric gases, reducing the risk of tarnishing or oxidisation. It is suitable for application by brush, spray and roller and is touch dry in under an hour!

Always ensure the Lacquer is well-stirred before application. Stir, rather than shake lacquer, to avoid introducing air and bubbles into the lacquer. Ensure all your tools and containers are as clean as possible. Any contamination while applying the lacquer can cause discolouration or a substandard finish!

When applying the Universal Lacquer on leaf we recommend laying the first layer very thinly (60 – 80 micrometre wet film thickness). Over-application may result in discolouration of the finish. 

For best protection it is highly recommended to apply two coats of the Lacquer, following the overcoat times in the TDS.


Clean all equipment with water. Do not pour back any unused product into the container. Dispose of any unused material according to local regulations

Available 1 litre tins 

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