Spire Gin 70cl 37.5% by Wessex Spirits


Handcrafted, herb-infused small batch gin, here we have our locally produced gin (less than a mile from our shop in Andover) by Wessex Spirits. This was their first ever gin, inspired by the Cathedral in Sailsbury in nearby Wiltshire. It is a hand crafted delicious herb infused London Dry Gin made with home grown fresh herbs, no artificial flavourings or essences. 

Smooth and zesty, Spire Gin contains botanicals including juniper and Hampshire sourced herbs including lemon verbena.

Best served over ice with good quality tonic and a sprig of rosemary, we also like to add a slice of grapefruit and it works well with raspberries too. 

If you like buying delicious, local produce then this is your gin! 

50cl bottle 37.5% 

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