Paint Tin Triple Wick Scented Candles


These large filled tin candles with three wicks fills the room with a rich and beautiful fragrances, while the soft glow creates a delightful ambience. Each tin measures 15.5cm diameter and provides approximately 15 hours burn time.

Choose from the following delicious scents:

Salted Caramel: this fragrance is rich and buttery with caramel notes, lashings of velvety vanilla and a hint of the finest sea salt – pure indulgence!

Linen & White Pepper: The aroma of freshly laundered sheets, this clean crisp fragrance blends pure white cotton flowers with base notes of calla lily, vanilla and warm musk.

Log Fire: a warm and welcoming fragrance, evocative of a crackling log fire, leading with top notes of smokey incense and cedar wood, smouldering on a background of earthy moss and dark amber.

Spiced Plum: Spiced ginger, clove and bay combined with rich notes of purple plum, followed by touches of peach, orange and deep red berries. This is perfect for Autumn.

Cinnamon & Orange: A rich and evocative fragrance balancing the warm earthy scent of cinnamon bark with zesty orange  oil and clove. This is a Christmas essential! 

Christmas Pudding: Fill your home with the scent of Christmas with this fabulous yuletide fragrance of sumptuous boozy fruits bursting with cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger – delicious.


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