La Rochere Bee Glass Carafe


The La Rochere 1 litre carafe is an elegant addition to your summer dining table. Decorated with moulded bee designs, instantly evoking summer meadows and the lazy buzz of bumblebees. Bees also symbolise immortality and resurrection in France, and have been a French emblem since the days of Napoleon.

La Rochere was founded in 1475, and is the oldest glass works still operating in France. Their pressed glass production method lets them mould almost any design they can think of, right into the surface of the glass. Glassware made with this method is thick, giving it exceptional durability when compared to thinner blown glass.

Dishwasher safe, size contains 1 litre, 27.7cm tall, 12cm diameter.

We also supply the matching champagne flutes and large gin glasses for the full complement. 

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