Cornish Milk Mineral Paint Blue Lobster


Blue Lobster is a beautiful bold and vibrant light shade of navy. Blue Lobster has rich depth and was inspired by the rare blue lobsters caught off Cornish shores. Blue Lobster has a lot of character and will be sure to impress.

We recommend using a good quality synthetic paint brush or sponge rollers for the best brushstroke free finish. You can also water down the Cornish Milk mineral paint formula as it's 100% water based and use a spray gun.

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is 100% water based with no nasty chemicals, so you can wash your paint brushes and rollers out with warm soapy water. We recommend washing your brushes and rollers in-between coats if you are going to leave your project for sometimes, as the special eco sealer that is in the paint will start to cure and can harden your paint brush. Once this happens your paint brush will not be useable again. 

With superior coverage you can easily finish your projects with just two coats for our darker Cornish Milk colours and upto three coats for the neutral colours. We recommend leaving an hour in-between coats to make sure your first coat of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has fully dried throughout. Once you have finished painting your surfaces, please make sure to leave the paint to cure for up to 48 hours before heavy use. 

The 500ml cartons cover 8-10 sq foot and the 150ml small project cartons are enough to paint two dining room chairs or a small sideboard... Trust us when we say that your going to be shocked when you see how far Cornish Milk Mineral Paint will go!

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