Cling on paint brushes for Fusion


CLING ON! Brushes totally equipped for water-based paints

Handmade for use with waterbased products the Cling On! paint brush can, in fact, handle any kind of paint and will give you a flawless result, making painting no less than a joy. Discovered by furniture painters the Cling On!’s are now favorites of vintage lovers and furniture flippers, spreading around the world! Changing the past, working the present, fit for the future.

Cling On! distinguishes itself from all other paintbrush brands, applying different filaments, in different blends, not chosen for their price, but for their quality. What a professional painter needs and that’s what a true tradesman wants to experience. The most important piece of equipment for a painter or decorator is his or her brush…which is held for most of the day.


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