Beebombs - Pack of 5 wild flower seeds


Five packs of handmade, native wildflower Beebombs. A mix of 18 native wildflower species, native to Britain and confirmed by the RHS as “perfect for pollinators” enough to create 105 sq ft / 9.75 m² of wildflower meadow. 

Beebombs use only sustainable packaging. No 'one use plastics’

These make fabulous gifts - no gardening, tilling or digging required. Beebombs don’t need to be planted or tended. Just throw your Beebomb onto cleared ground and await your wildflowers. 

Wildflowers are hardy but a little slower to grow than many imported flowers. Some will bloom in the first year, many of them will take two years. 

Thank you for helping to bring the bees back

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