Metal chicken garden ornament


These cheery chickens & cockerels will brighten up any garden or patio. The flock consist of...

  • Ginger (red upright)
  • Spice (red pecking)
  • Dotty (black and white upright)
  • Spotty (black and white pecking)
  • Mabel (lemon and white with black upright)
  • Hatty (lemon and white with black pecking)
  • Pip (white with black spots upright)
  • Pop (white with black spots pecking)

They make a great gift for any gardener or chicken fancier. They look best in pairs.

Made of metal they each measure upright 46cm & pecking 60cm beak to tail approximately and are 45cm tall. Each chicken is handmade and painted so therefore each one is unique and will vary slightly from the photograph shown.


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