French triple milled soap bars


These luxurious triple milled 125g soaps are made in Marseilles, France. They are vegan friendly and not tested on animals, paraben and silicone free. An ideal way to reduce plastic usage in the bathroom, we do not package these soaps but wrap in a brown paper bag for protection during transit. They also smell nice and have a variety of benefit depending upon the type chosen. Team with one of our bamboo scrubby bags and a wooden soap dish for an eco gift. 

Unicorn - the most fun! Made with Grasse fragrances - Flowery, sweet & tangy this also contains glitter which is 100% natural and of mineral origin. Contains no allergens and is perfect for sensitive skin.

Jasmine - a beautiful scent made with essential oils. It is a strong yet sweet, pleasing and romantic fragrance. Boosts energy and increases a positive mood. Naturally antiseptic and expectorant. Good for dry and dehydrated skin. 

Mandarin - another beautiful scent made with essential oils and Grasse perfume. Mandarin orange is antibacterial, emotionally uplifting and helps collagen production. Good for blemish prone skin.

Wild Flowers - scented with Grasse fragrances and essential oils including lavender. This soap is delicately floral and feminine. 

Bergamote - scented with Grasse fragrances and essential oils and enriched with organic shea butter

Aloe Vera - soothing and good for sensitive skin, enriched with organic shea butter. Moisturising and emollient nature can help relieve itchy skin. 

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