Aromatherapy Hand Sanitiser Spray 75% Alcohol Based


Aromatherapy hand sanitisers made with 80% alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol) and the finest essential oils for added antiseptic protection. Available in tea tree or lemon and lime scents. 

100ml Presented in an aluminium bottle.

Tea Tree Oil is naturally anti-bacterial and antiseptic whilst soothing skin

Lemon Oil naturally cleanses, hydrates and sanitizes

To apply: shake the bottle vigorously to reincorporate the essential oils, then spray liberally on your hands whenever you feel like they need a bit of a deep clean. Rub hands together until dry. This is not a substitute for proper hand-washing, so make sure to wash your hands well at the next opportunity. Ideal for when you're out and about. 

Stay safe and rest assured 10% profits from this range of sanitisers will go to our local NHS heroes.

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